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Clear Law Institute - Reality-Based Leadership Webinar

Join Cy as she presents Reality-Based Leadership in a webinar hosted by the Clear Law Institute. Use the discount code "wakeman35" to get 35% off the registration price! More Info

Reality-Based Speakers

In addition to Cy Wakeman, we currently have two other speakers on staff, handpicked by Cy herself to help deliver the Reality-Based Programs. Learn more about Nicole Price and Lisa Gunderson by clicking the links below!

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Boosting Your Value at Work is Now Just a Swipe Away! 

Cy Wakeman, Inc. is very excited to announce the launch of our Reality-Based Rules of the Workplace Virtual Training Program. This state-of-the-art, interactive, online training and resource center features Cy Wakeman as she guides you through each learning experience. Course by course your training needs are individually customized through questions, tests, and instant feedback in real time. This advanced training platform integrates with corporate learning management systems, delivers detailed progress tracking, and provides certificates of completion. The Reality-Based Rules of the Workplace training platform also offers instant onboarding for new employees and grants 24/7 access to personal coaching videos, team building tools, and Reality-Based resources!

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Become certified in the Reality-Based Philosophy!

Are you ready to become a Certified Reality-Based Facilitator? Join Team Wakeman for two days of indulging in the Reality-Based Philosophy and becoming a true "CyChologist!" Participants will have the luxury of working with Cy & Nicole in a small class size becoming fluent in the Reality-Based Principles. Spots are limited - reserve yours now! 

Next Course March 10-11, 2015!
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Bulletproof Talent

The Reality-CheckTM employee survey is where accountability and engagement connect. This survey enables you to view your company engagement results sorted by the accountability scores of your employees. 

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