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BlogTalkRadio Interview with Cy

A special thanks to BlogTalkRadio for hostong Cy on their radio show in October and for the great book review. Their interview with Cy can be accessed On Demand by clicking the link below, and feel free to read the book review for Cy's recent New York Times best seller, The Reality-Based Rules of the Workplace

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Announcing the Release of Cy's Next Book April 2013

We are pleased to announce the release of Cy's next book in April 2013. We are currently taking pre-orders for a limited time only. Cy is also offering a special video training subscription package to all of her favorite fans who order the book early. Click the link below to learn more and don't miss your chance to have her new book arrive at your doorstep on the release date!

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A Special Thanks to "PracticeLink" - The Online Physician Job Bank & Magazine

Cy recently presentaed a keynote at the ASPR Conference in Los Angeles, CA. PracticeLink was huge part of making her session such a raving success by sponsoring her keynote. So, here's a shout out to say thanks to all of the friendlt folks at PracticeLink. Thanks for all your great work, the book signing lines were out the door!

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Another Successful Keynote - Cy at the Maine HR Convention

Congratulations to Cy as she rocked the house durning her  Reality-Based Leadership keynote at the Annual Maine HR Convention in Rockport, ME. She also had the chance to meet Angus King, former governer of Maine who kicked off the conference this year.

Watch an exclusve YouTube interview with Cy!

Bulletproof Launches with a Bang 

Cy's and her new partners, Jason Lauritsen and Richard Runnels, have put their heads together to ceate and launch a new branch of Cy Wakeman, Inc. Bulletproof Talent had produced a brand new employee engagement survey focused on personal accountability and incorporates Cy's Reality-Based Leadership principals.

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Cy Wakeman goes Global!

A special Congratulations to Cy as she made her way to Mumbai, India and was honored as the 2012 World HRD Outstanding Leadership Excellence Award. 

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