Reality-Based Programs

We are excited to offer a list of programs for you to choose from. Each program can be designed to address the specific needs of your audience and organization. Cy Wakeman, Nicole Price, and Lisa Gunderson are prepared to work with each client individually to guarantee smooth and effective delivery for any event you may be considering.


Cy Wakeman               Nicole Price              Lisa Gunderson

Program List

Reality-Based Leadership – Ditching the Drama and Turn Excuses into Results

Reality-Based Rules of the Workplace – The New Leadership Foundation for Boosting Employee Value, Driving Strategic Results and Fulfilling Organizational Missions

Reality-Based Engagement - Unlocking the True Driver of Employee Performance 

Reality-Based Accountability – Hardwiring Accountability into Your Workforce

Reality-Based Investment – Connecting the Investment in Talent to Bottom Line Results

Reality-Based Communication – Great Results in Changing Times

Reality-Based Coaching – Turning Talent into Productivity and Coaching for Great Performance

Reality-Based Inclusion – Building Resilience and Bulletproofing for Success