Employee Engagement is Broken: Unlocking the True Driver of Employee Performance 

For years, our organizations have been investing time, money and energy into engaging our employees based on the promise that engagement drives results. But, many organizations report that despite their best efforts, engagement just hasn’t delivered as expected.

While engaging our employees is critical, it turns out that engagement isn’t enough. Engagement without accountability is chaos. It is the organizations that cultivate a culture of personal accountability who are truly winning. It’s when engagement and accountability meet that breakthrough performance occurs.

In this dynamic, provocative and groundbreaking presentation, you will learn to see the science of employee engagement in a completely new way. You will understand why the way we have historically measured employee engagement is fundamentally flawed. You will discover that many of the ways we have been working to drive employee engagement may be actually hurting the company’s performance. And, most importantly, you’ll learn what to do about it. You will be introduced to the concept of Reality-Based Engagement, where accountability and engagement intersect to produce awesome results. This will include some practical guidance for how to cultivate the power of personal accountability within your organization.

Workplace Application:

Learn how personal accountability can turn your employee engagement efforts into business results.

Learning Objectives:

  • Uncover three key flaws in how the traditional employee engagement survey process is designed and implemented. Learn how these flaws are the reason that many company’s engagement efforts are not producing the desired results.
  • Discover that personal accountability is the true driver of both employee engagement and company results. Gain a deep understanding of the four factors that make up a personally accountable mindset.
  • Take away specific action steps for how to fix your employee engagement process by introducing a focus on the cultivation of accountability within your organization.

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