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Reality-Based Performance

At last, a performance management system that keeps drama low, conversations happening, and results coming.

Reality-Based Performance is a reinvention of performance management—transforming it from outdated HR administration to a process based on your business outcomes. It empowers leaders to have effective one-on-one conversations with employees, on a schedule based on your business cycle rather than pre-determined performance review dates.

Leaders will be equipped to provide clear goals, expectations, metrics, and objective feedback—given in time to change results. This increases the likelihood of achieving or exceeding goals which accelerates individual, team and business performance and success.

A regular goal review and feedback cadence also promotes alignment and increases your company’s agility. Revisiting goals regularly enables you to pivot quickly when needed.

Reality-Based Performance’s success has been implemented and proven in companies both large and small, global and domestic, and across multiple business segments.

20th Century Approach 21st Century Approach
Salary Increase Rating-driven annual increase differentiation Paid fairly based on contributions
Incentives Rating-driven differentiation Reward significant individual and team contributions/achievements
Career Short-term, opportunistic Long-term, deterministic
Recognition Rarely done Frequently done
reality based performance
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