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Ana is determined to help create a world in which people come back from work at the end of the day energized, instead of drawn in drama. For that reason, she shares counter-intuitive tools and techniques that are helping to make that idea a reality.

Born and raised in the South of Spain, Ana began leading teams in her family business at the age of 9. A Reality-Based leader through and through, she now delivers the Reality-Based messages fluently in English and Spanish to organizations across the globe, teaching practical strategies to help people ditch the drama, add clarity instead of chaos at work, and turn excuses into results.

She now travels the world delivering drama-free, inspiring keynotes and workshops on leadership, how to move beyond ego, developing accountability, and business readiness to revolutionize mindsets that enable employees and leaders to realize their full potential and deliver results. Ana finds that the message resonates with everyone as an effortless approach to consistently call teams to greatness regardless of the circumstances.

Besides keynote speaking, Ana is the Director of Operations at Reality-Based Leadership (RBL). This means she ensures that the RBL team that advocates for being drama-free, operates drama-free as an organization. 

As the project lead of spreading the RBL message to the Spanish speaking world, Ana has stirred up an audience of over 50,000 online supporters of Liderazgo Libre de Drama.

Ana holds a Master’s degree in International Business from the University of Derby, England and has worked with organizations such as NASA, Union Pacific Railroad, US Census Bureau, Kohler Co., Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Cargill, Providence Medical Center, Dropbox, AMC Theatres, Silver Oak Wine Cellars, LLC., Flight Center Travel Group, Masonic Homes of Kentucky, Inc., Heart of the Rockies Regional Medical Center, Association of Critical Care, California Public Defenders Association and Neil Hoosier & Associates, among others.

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Rave Reviews


“Ana was a very engaging speaker, that used humor, and provided great examples and tools that could be put into practice immediately. Our audience all found value in the session and concepts.”

Roxanne Shanks, Executive Director, Association of Critical Care Transport


“Ana presented an interactive session of Reality-Based Leadership at our luncheon and left the group with tools and techniques they could use immediately to start chipping away at drama with their teams and redirecting it towards results. Her presentation style and the way she mixed in humor kept the audience engaged and looking forward to each slide. I found the content extremely relevant and fresh for the modern workplace.”

Tonya Mathison, Managing Director at Principal Financial Group

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