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Reality-Based Engagement

Reality-Based Engagement is the approach that finally allows you to turn all of your employee engagement efforts and investments into real business results.

Not all employees are created equal. Some employees are driving your business results and others are just collecting a paycheck. The opinions of these very different employees shouldn’t be treated equally when it comes to deciding how to manage your business.

The opinions of personally accountable employees who are committed to results and seek continuous improvement are highly credible. They take responsibility for results even when they miss the mark. When these employees speak, you should listen intently to what they say.

In contrast, you may have some employees who act like entitled victims. They focus solely on what they don’t have and blame others when things don’t go as planned. Their opinions about how to run your business simply aren’t credible and should be discounted.

The key to turning employee engagement and satisfaction survey efforts into results is focusing your efforts on engaging your most valuable, accountable employees—not all employees.

We can show you how.

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The Reality-Based Engagement Survey: Restoring Sanity to Your Employee Engagement Process

Our Reality-Based Engagement employee survey is where accountability and engagement connect. Our tool integrates a research-validated personal accountability assessment with an established employee engagement survey. As each employee completes the survey, they are assessed for personal accountability.

Reality-Based Engagement enables you to view your company engagement results sorted by the accountability scores of your employees. You will hear the voices and opinions of your most valuable employees loud and clear. And, you’ll know that your engagement action plans are impacting the right employees to drive results.

Reality-Based Engagement Consulting Services

We know that sometimes, the solution to your problem might be a little more complicated than a training program or engagement survey alone can fix. Maybe your HR Strategy needs some reality injected into it. Or perhaps you need some specific help that involves coaching, team facilitation and program design all at the same time. It would be too complicated to list every possible solution we could help you with—so we just call it consulting.

Examples of Consulting Services:

  • HR Strategic Planning
  • Executive Retreat Facilitation and Design
  • Talent Management Process Design
  • Performance Coaching
  • Facilitation
  • Custom training solutions
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