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Alex Dorr is a former professional basketball player for the Derby Trailblazers in Derby, England, holds a Master’s of Science in International Business, and a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration.

His journey with the Reality-Based philosophy began in his internship with Reality-Based Leadership when he was introduced to Cy Wakeman’s Reality-Based message and witnessed the incredible results her clients were experiencing.

Over the next several years Alex became a practitioner, living by the philosophy and determined to put its principles to the test. Whether it was international sales, event management or even, professional basketball the philosophy’s core principles of ditching the drama and turning excuses into results continued to catapult him into career opportunities he could have never expected.

As a young leader in the workplace he noticed some common patterns that continued to emerge. It did not matter which side of the Atlantic Ocean Alex was on or what industry he was working in, there was one constant keeping people from achieving the results and happiness they longed for – drama.

Inspired by how well the simple Reality-Based techniques allowed him to step into the power he already had as an employee while, at the same time, diffusing drama and calling those he lead to greatness – Dorr began speaking and training. Today, he is a full-time member of Cy Wakeman’s team and a Certified Facilitator handpicked by Cy to deliver the Reality-Based message, collaborating with organizations to change their mindsets and succeed in spite of the challenging circumstances they face.

As a keynote speaker, Alex’s energy fills the room and his stories around the content challenge people’s thinking and bring the philosophy to life. He’s often been told that his presentations stick around in attendees’ minds long after he speaks until eventually, the Reality-Based philosophy settles in their hearts.

Alex’s programs have received rave reviews and attendees consistently credit him for freeing their minds and ultimately changing their lives. He has worked with organizations such as Ely Lilly, Emory HealthcareNationwide, Carnival Cruise Lines, Allina Health, Delaware North, Our Lady of the Lake Medical Center, the University of Oregon, Baton Rouge General Medical Center, CH Robinson, Intact Insurance, National Association of Credit Management, Clarkson College, Credit Institute of Canada, DoItBest Corp, Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago, Nebraska Bankers Association, Asbury Communities, Legacy Golf Academy and Premier Volleyball Club among others.

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Rave Reviews


“Alex presented the Hardwiring Accountability program with around 300 of our leaders and supervisors in May of 2017. Attendees were engaged from start to finish and the table exercises and activity at the end did a fantastic job of tying together the content to sustain the learning. There were a few attendees that came up afterward asking for more sessions like the one he presented and that they couldn’t wait to put the new Reality-Based tools to use in their day-to-day. In the feedback survey the week following our session, several leaders commented that they were able to immediately put into place new practices to help them deal with workplace issues. As a presenter, Alex was able to integrate audience participation and interaction as he presented to keep the content light yet impactful. “

Jared Ledoux, Director of Leadership Development, Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center


“Alex worked with our executive team around the Reality-Based Leadership philosophy for a full day. His presentation was compelling, engaging and got our entire staff participating! Many of the executives mentioned that not only was the content eye-opening on the cost of drama in the workplace, but they were excited about the practical tools they now had to be able to recapture energy that is about to be lost to drama and, in the moment, redirect that energy into adding value to the situation. Not only was this training helpful at work, it really opened my eyes up to ways the Reality-Based philosophy could be used in settings other than the workplace.

Beverly Sanders, Director of Human Resources - Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago

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