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Guilty of Self-Sabotage? Find Your 'Happy' Again By Ditching the Drama and Spreading the Love!
For many of us, our goal is to simply be happy and share that contentment and happiness with others. Seems easy enough, right? So how do we get off track so quickly with even the best intentions in mind? Often times, we are the source of our own suffering. Things don't pan out the way we planned and our initial reaction is to panic.

This is not how it was supposed to be, after all. And before we know it, our negative, exaggerated thoughts take over and we find ourselves in the midst of a cynical, self-fulfilling prophecy that we've created for ourselves. So how do we stop this cycle and move forward to find true happiness? By learning to be a lover of reality by ditching the drama and embracing what is. Read on to find out... 

Reality-Based Leadership Webinar
with Clear Law Institute

Cy and Clear Law Institute will team up next month to talk about Reality-Based Leadership™! During this webinar, Cy will identify why the current leadership model is failing, give you a clear understanding of the Reality-Based Leadership™ principles, and teach you how to apply these principles to your workplace. Participants in this webinar will leave with an innovative and revolutionary new look at their roles within their organizations! Use the code 'wakeman35' & receive 35% off the registration! 

Reality-Based Speakers

In addition to Cy Wakeman, we currently have two other speakers on staff, handpicked by Cy herself to help deliver the Reality-Based Programs. Learn more about Nicole Price and Lisa Gunderson by clicking the links below!

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Boosting Your Value at Work is Now Just a Swipe Away! 

Cy Wakeman, Inc. is very excited to announce the launch of our Reality-Based Rules of the Workplace Virtual Training Program. This state-of-the-art, interactive, online training and resource center features Cy Wakeman as she guides you through each learning experience. Course by course your training needs are individually customized through questions, tests, and instant feedback in real time. This advanced training platform integrates with corporate learning management systems, delivers detailed progress tracking, and provides certificates of completion. The Reality-Based Rules of the Workplace training platform also offers instant onboarding for new employees and grants 24/7 access to personal coaching videos, team building tools, and Reality-Based resources!

Learn More  - Watch our Demo Video - View the Course Outline - Access the Learning Center

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We are excited to announce this spring and fall we will host our certification programs and in-house training classes at our office in Omaha. Whether you are new to the Reality-Based Philosophy, or consider yourself a 'CyChologist,' we have training options available for everyone! 

Next in-house training is April 17th! Register here.

Next certification program is June 10th & 11th!
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The Reality-Check™ employee survey is where accountability and engagement connect. This survey enables you to view your company engagement results sorted by the accountability scores of your employees. 

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